С английским! Present Perfect! Во вложениях!

21 Январь 2012

Помогите с английским!Present Perfect!Во вложениях!

    7. has she drawn a picture?

    2.Has he left for Moscow?

    2. has he left for Moscow?

    6.Have they made a toy plane?

  • 1.Have you bought a red pen?

    9. has the cat cought a mouse?

    5. has he come home from school?

    8.Have you done your homework?

  • 1. have you bought a red pen?

    9.Has the cat caught the mouse?

    8. have you done your homework?

    4.Have you read the story?

    5.Has he come home from school?

    7.Has she drawn a picture?

    6. have they made a toy plane?

    4. have you read the story?

    10. has it slept in the box?

  • 3. has she seen the film?

    3.Has she seen the film?

    10.Has it slept in that  box?

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